Did you know?
  • Some people “over clean” their fish by removing all the water from their tank or bowl each week. You only need to change approx. 20 per cent of the water weekly, this includes if you have a filter (make sure you turn this off though before draining any water).

  • Many fish owners are “miss-informed” about how food much food to feed their fish and end up accidently killing them by over feeding them. For most cold water fish, like gold fish, feeding a very small amount once a day is more than enough. Over feeding your fish will not only cause health issues, but also it will pollute the water and block up your filter.

  • Many exotic pets receive poor or imbalanced diets. These can either cause deficiencies, or it can make them obese or it can leave them “under-fed”. Talk to me about pet feeding and nutrition.

  • Lights in our home or ones used for pets can have the wrong UV balance or produce the wrong colour spectrum. This leads to animal finding it difficult to see the world and their food properly and can make them mentally and physically unwell. Ask me about suitable lighting for your pet.

  • Exotic pets need exercise and enrichment, if they don’t receive it they can easily get bored and become unwell. Talk to me about how to keep your pet fit and healthy.

  • If you feed your exotic pet “live food” such as meal worms and locusts, you need to feed your “live food” properly before feeding your pet. Ask me more about this and what to feed the “live food” so it is “gut loaded”.

  • Pet birds (like parrots and parakeets) are intelligent animals and need stimulation and enrichment. Many behavioural problems often stem from the fact they live in pairs on colonies in the wild and it is alien to them to live on their own. You will therefore need to become the other half to their pair. Sometimes they will even bond with a person who doesn’t particularly like them or want to care for them; it usually is with the opposite sex too.

  • Baby turtles and terrapins may look “cute” when they’re small, but what many people don’t realise is how big some species do become. They also become messy and smelly even with a filter and cleaning out regularly. Turtles and terrapins live in large bodies of water in the wild and over time, do not do well in a fish tank no matter how large it is. Their behaviour also changes as they grow and they do become quite aggressive and will bite. These bites can carry nasty infections, so, if you do get bitten by one, make sure your wound is treated properly.

  • When choosing a pet, please think carefully about the on-going costs with them. In the excitement of getting a new animal owners often forget the other costs including food, bedding, housing, specialist equipment and Vet bills. The latter is probably the most expensive in many cases and the one people don’t properly consider at the time of purchase of their new pet.